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FollowersPanda is the most trusted Twitch and other social media services provider. Using our Twitch chat bot service, you can increase engagement on your stream.
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Using our service, you can customize your chat precisely the way you want. Our bots will type out the text you input, appearing on your stream.

Major Features Of Twitch Chat Bots

FollowersPanda is one of the affordable and most reliable site to buy high-quality Twitch chatbots. Below you can check our Features.

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At FollowersPanda, we make sure that your order starts within minutes. You will instantly receive chatbots on your stream.

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Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our customers. You are our priority. Trust us for every order you make on FollowersPanda.

Customer Support

You can reach us 24/7. Feel free to message us with any queries. We will be more than happy to help.

100% Refund

A refund will be issued if FollowersPanda does not start delivering your chat bots order within 12 hours.


If you select the random chat option when ordering chatbots service, our system will automatically send you chats on your stream. These chats are mostly emojis, so order them according to your needs.
Usually, it will start within 15 minutes. If it doesn’t, feel free to message us via e-mail or live chat support.
There can be several reasons why you are not receiving the chatbots. One apparent reason is that you have enabled followers mode on chat or slow mode. You will have to disable these features and start your stream again.
If you want to stop chat bots, simply turn on Followers Mode or Subscribers mode. It will automatically get stopped.
Once the order is placed, you cannot cancel the order. You can stop chat bots and then contact us to delete your order, but there won’t be any refund.

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How To Buy Twitch Chat Bots

Twitch is an excellent platform for all gamers and content creators to share their gaming experiences, knowledge, and other content over a live stream. Moreover, as the gamers and content creators conduct live streams on the platform, they open themselves up to earning potential. Be it the number of followers, viewers on a live stream, or any other activity you do on Twitch; there are opportunities to make money.
Now, managing a small number of people on the chat is easy. But as this number grows, the moderation task becomes difficult, and if you’re not careful, the chats can go out of control. This is where Twitch Chat Bots come into the picture.
You can easily buy Twitch chat bots and set them up in your Twitch chat rooms to ease out the task of chat moderation and keeping things in control. Let’s have a look at how you can buy Twitch chat bots and the reasons you should buy them. Additionally, we will cover more things about these chatbots in detail. So, make sure that you read till the end.

How to Buy Twitch Chat Bots?

Twitch Chat Bots are generally free, and you can find a lot of them. However, once you get a Twitch Chat Bot, you need to set it up in your Twitch Chat Room. Now, this setup process can be quite tricky, and you may need help with the same. Moreover, while the chat bots are free, getting them is not very easy.
So, if you just go ahead and buy them, you save yourself from a lot of hassles. The need is to find the right platforms that help you get the required Twitch Chat Bots. Once you have found the platform to get your Twitch Chat Bots, all you need to do is log in to your Twitch account and approve the permissions. Once you do that, you’re good to go, and you can see the chat bot set up in your chat room.
In case you don’t want to go through with all the processes of login and granting permissions, you can find a Twitch services provider to do the job for you. A good option for the purpose will be FollowersPanda.

Why Do People Buy Twitch Chat Bots?

Generally, people buy Twitch Viewer Bots to increase the number of viewers on their stream and make the streams more interactive and entertaining. With the use of these viewer bots, people can take their streams to the next level. However, as the streams go to the next level, it becomes difficult for the streamers and moderators to manage certain tasks, especially the chats in the chat rooms of the streams. This is where Twitch Chat Bots come into the picture.
Twitch Chat Bots help automate certain functionalities in the chat rooms, such as issuing warnings to the users in chats, restricting offensive messages, kicking out people from the chat in case they cause nuisance, etc. So, with Twitch Chat Bots, it becomes easier for the streamers to add more value to their streams, take them to the next level, and have a better reach.
It’s for these reasons that people buy Twitch Chat Bots.