How To Delete SoundCloud Account?

SoundCloud allows you to share your own music while also listening to other artists, whether amateur or professional. It’s a fantastic place to share and discover new music, and it allows you to delve into music that you can’t find anywhere else.

However, if you’ve had it with SoundCloud and want to delete all of your songs, playlists, and other personal information, the quickest way is to delete your account.

Just keep in mind that once you delete your account, everything is permanently deleted. It is not possible to recover music or data from a deleted account.

How to delete your SoundCloud Account?

To delete your account, you must use the desktop website rather than the SoundCloud app.

  1. Go to the SoundCloud website, log in, and then click on the three dots in the top-right corner.

click on 3 dots

  1. To access your account’s settings page, click “Settings.”

soundcloud accounts settings

3. Scroll down in the account settings and click “Delete Account.”

Delete soundcloud Account


  1. When you click it, you will be taken to the “Delete Account” screen. You’ll be asked why you’re leaving SoundCloud here. You can select one of the reasons or simply click the “Delete my account” button at the bottom.

Delete account

Your account, along with all of your songs and playlists, will be deleted immediately.

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