How To Change Playlist Name On SoundCloud?

Assume you didn’t pay close attention when you set up your SoundCloud account and created your first playlists. Proper naming didn’t seem important at the time. However, your music tastes may have changed since those playlists were created. Or perhaps you developed into a genuine artist who uses SoundCloud to promote their work.

In any case, you may want to rename your playlists to reflect their updated content or your personal branding.

This article will show you how to rename your SoundCloud playlists and provide some additional information about this fantastic audio-sharing site.

How to Change a Playlist Name on Soundcloud

The first thing to note is that changing playlist names on SoundCloud is currently only possible through the browser. In other words, you’ll have to do it on your computer because the option isn’t available on the mobile app.

Follow these steps to rename a SoundCloud playlist:

Navigate to SoundCloud in your browser.


Enter your SoundCloud username

Soundcloud username.

Locate and open the playlist you want to rename.

Locate and Open playlist

At the bottom, you’ll see the “Like,” “Share,” “Edit,” “Add to Next Up,” and “Delete playlist” buttons. Choose “Edit.”

Edit soundcloud playlist


You can rename your playlist in the “Edit” menu. Save your work once you’ve entered the new name.

Change name of soundcloud playlist

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