How Much Does SoundCloud Pays For 1 Million Streams?

Many artists and musicians have found success on SoundCloud. It enables musicians to upload their music and be compensated for their streams. SoundCloud Premier is a programme where artists can sign up and have their streams monetized. So, what does SoundCloud pay for one million streams?

The amount you are paid by SoundCloud may vary depending on where the streamers are located and other factors. SoundCloud pays between 0.0025 and 0.004 per stream, according to estimates. So, based on that calculation, SoundCloud pays between USD 2500 and $4000 for one million streams. This is always subject to change depending on a variety of factors such as the listener’s location, ad revenue, and so on.

SoundCloud provides a platform for new and emerging artists and musicians to advance their careers. Anyone can create and upload music and sounds to the platform. When the music becomes popular, the artist can join SoundCloud Premier and monetize their stream. This article explains how the SoundCloud system works, how much SoundCloud pays for 1 million streams, and how an artist can use this platform to advance their career.

How Does SoundCloud Work?

SoundCloud is a Swedish audio streaming and music-sharing platform that was founded in 2007. It was created as a ‘Youtube For Audio,’ where creators can upload audio and music for users and listeners to enjoy. It has been a driving force and a bridge for many well-known musicians and artists.

SoundCloud’s user interface is unique. The app allows users to upload, play, and create playlists. This app’s distinguishing feature is the ability for users to comment at specific points within the streamed audio. For example, you can leave a comment at any time on music you enjoy, tagging the exact time.

One of the app’s most popular features is its interactive nature.

The app is available for both Android and iOS and can be downloaded from the app stores for each platform.

While SoundCloud is free to download and use, the app does include a number of premium features that must be paid for. SoundCloud employs the ‘Freemium Model,’ in which the app’s basic features are free but additional features must be purchased in order to be used.

SoundCloud has a ‘SoundCloud Pro Unlimited’ feature for creators, which allows them to upload unlimited audio, whereas the free basic plan only allows them to upload 3 hours of audio content.

When paid annually, SoundCloud Pro Unlimited costs $12 per month. It also provides creators with a wealth of information about their content and its performance.

SoundCloud Premier Program allows creators to monetize their streams. The programme was launched in 2014 to allow content creators to monetize and earn money from their work.

How To Make Money On SoundCloud?

Making money on SoundCloud is a common practise among aspiring musicians and artists. Several well-known musicians began their musical careers and grew their fan base on SoundCloud.


When creating content for the platform, creators have access to far more tools. Analytics and other data can be accessed via the app and can provide valuable insight into how the contents are performing and how they can be improved.

The SoundCloud Premier Program, which debuted in 2014, allows you to monetize your content on the platform. Once accepted into the programme, you can begin monetizing your content. However, there are some requirements that you must meet in order to be accepted into the programme.

To be able to monetize your SoundCloud content, it must be 100% original, and you must have a SoundCloud Pro or Pro Unlimited subscription. You must also have 500 or more plays in the last month from countries where SoundCloud Subscription is available.

After monetization, SoundCloud pays artists and creators 0.0025 to 0.004 per stream. This equates to $25 to $40 per million streams.

Other ways to make money on SoundCloud include sponsorships and third-party advertising tools. You can also sell your music and audio using services like Sellfy.

The recent popularity of ‘Podcasts’ has also increased the use of this platform. Long-form audio content assists creators in locating sponsors and third-party advertisers in their niche.

Making money on SoundCloud is much easier if you have a large listener base that can be converted into advertisers’ customers.

You can also use this platform to promote your own business and earn money from it.

How Much Can You Earn With SoundCloud Streams?

SoundCloud pays between 0.0025 and 0.004 per stream. This payment is also determined by the location of the users who are streaming your content as well as SoundCloud’s advertisement revenue.

SoundCloud pays $2500 to $4000 for 1 million streams if you have 1 million streams on the platform and are eligible for monetization.

You can also monetize your SoundCloud content in other ways. It also depends on the type of SoundCloud content you create. Users are more likely to engage with content if you have a podcast on the platform, so you can earn more from the SoundCloud Premier Program. You can also find sponsors for your podcast, which will increase your revenue even more.

In general, the more income streams you can find using the same SoundCloud content, the more you can earn on SoundCloud.

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